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Doesn’t the idea of older women who just so happen to be sex-starved lesbians going down on younger inexperienced bi-curious girl appeal to you? Everything’s there. The idea of a cute young woman getting corrupted by a pervert, the sensual lesbian sex everyone wants to see (according to the statistics, even straight girls love it!), and intense pussy licking as you’ve never seen it. This page has it all!

Dyked Review

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If you’re a straight man, then it’s no wonder that you’re into looking at two girls getting it on. However, if you’re a girl, the odds are that you will also like the content this page has to offer, and it doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay or bisexual or whatever…research has shown that straight girls can enjoy lesbian porn quite a bit too, even though they don’t feel like going for a relationship with another woman in real life.

This website just so happens to be part of the TeamSkeet network, and when this gang gets involved with pornography, you just know that you’re in for a very special treat. While this page is somewhat young and doesn’t get updated too often, the content is great, and this is a huge redeeming factor. You will find that this page gets like one or two updates every single month, which isn’t that amazing, but it’s still pretty good when you look back and see all the porn that you can watch until something new comes up, You’re looking at hours and hours of fun…seeing as Dyked.com has 54 videos on the website right now, and that’s not all.

Sure, videos are neat, but what about amazing HD pictures and stuff like that? Don’t we want to see those, too? Well, of course, we do, and that is why we’re going to make sure that we download videos from the website. Sure, streaming works fine as well, seeing as these videos may be streamed in multiple resolutions. Anything from 360p to HD is available. This is nothing but good news to people with a shitty internet connection, but the rich kids will be delighted, too, seeing as this page posts all of its movies with an “HD” option.

You may also download these videos in a few resolutions as well, and yes, HD Is available, so don’t you worry. You’ll find that when you download a certain video, you get a .zip archive all up in your downloads folder. When you open this thing up, you will find a bunch of pictures in it, right next to the video you expected to find inside the archive. Most of these 54 vids you get to see on Dyked.com are also pretty long, which is great. You won’t easily find anything shorter than 20 minutes in this sea of pornography. You’ll find stepmoms and stepdaughters getting it on, professors and naughty students that ought to be punished, confused girls and their therapists.

All kinds of stories are present here, but obviously, there’s noting way too complicated here, seeing as most people really aren’t into porn with stories and stuff like that for the most part. So yeah, these girls don’t wait too much, and they get down to carpet munching right away, and they get their mouths filled with pussy as soon as possible. Guys are included in some of these videos as well, but these videos are threesomes.


A website with only 54 videos doesn’t need a complex navigation system, but the sorting options Dyked.com added are quite nice. You can arrange the videos according to the time when they were added or their popularity.


Dyked is part of the TeamSkeet network, so you get 19 bonus websites.


You’ll find that this website doesn’t have that much porn when compared to other lesbian websites, but it most certainly delivers great quality in every single one of their movies.

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