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Adorable and cute girls find themselves in hardcore fantasies after getting busted for dressing like sluts, catching their stepbrothers jerking off and many other taboo fantasies involving stepdads, stepmoms, and stepbrothers. The site on its own isn’t huge but it brings to life it’s taboo fantasies with delicious girls who love hardcore fucking.

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If it isn’t obvious to you by now that people would love to have sex with their step-dads and their step-moms, then Family Stroke will make this truth so much more obvious to you by bombarding you with many delicious taboo videos!


Now, let’s talk about the content that can be seen on the website. You’d most likely expect to see nothing but old dudes piping their stepdaughters and so on, but you’ll get to see younger dudes just like you do the pounding as well, so don’t worry, the performers will surely be relatable.

We need to talk about the nerd stuff as well, don’t we? First off, it’s worth mentioning the fact that there are 164 movies on the website, and these are streamed through an embedded player. This streaming can obviously be done in various resolutions. Now, when it comes to downloading the movies, this can be done in 1080i HD MP4s…this means 1920×1080. As expected, not every movie on the page has the same quality, in fact, most of them won’t even leave a great impression on you. Hell, there are plenty of shaky POV pornos, and I’d say that they do appear sort of rough when it comes to picture quality for a 1080i resolution. That’s not good enough for an HD video, people!

However, when it comes to the movies themselves and the performers that can be seen here, I have literally no complaints, and I’m not blowing this statement out of proportion to make the website sound better when I say this. The kinds of girls you can see on the page are everything but unattractive. Rather, they are quite beautiful and they’re willing to do all kinds of things, so it’s fitting to even say that the girls are very playful. Find a list of all the girls found on Family Strokes by visiting!

You’ll see top-notch actresses such as Halle Von pretend that they are curious stepsisters and even stepdaughters, and when they do play these roles, they do a great job at not only showing how taboo this kind of sex is, but they also fuck like absolute beasts. They put in 100% when it comes to moving their hips and sucking on dicks. They’ll bend over no problem, and they’ll take a dick to the throat until they choke. Hell, they’ll even get cum all over their gorgeous faces, titties, and butts when they’re supposed to.


When it comes to navigating the page, it’s indeed an easy thing to do. You may add things to the favorites area, you may leave comments, and you can also rate the content that you watch, which is great. We all love websites that you may interact with when it comes to porn!


There’s not much to say about FamilyStrokes if we’re talking about the extras since this is a stand-alone site. There’s not that much content on the page, but they try their best to get new scenes up every week.


When all things are taken into account, this isn’t a website that’s too big, seeing that there aren’t that many scenes, but the quality of every single video is indeed great. Even though some of the movies could have been filmed in a better way, it is understandable why someone would want to take a closer look at Family Strokes. Those slutty step-sister and step-moms are so good at grabbing men’s attention with their amazing bodies.

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