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Exxxtra Small Review

Stunning young cuties with nice slender bodies aren’t something most men would turn away from, rather, it is well-known that girls like these have the best pussies, so it’s only natural that they get a whole lot of attention. Obviously, the girls of Exxxtra Small are also experts at taking oversized cocks inside of their pussies, so it’s only logical that you check them out.

Exxxtra Small Review

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As soon as you load the website up, the very first thing you’re going to see is the homepage of the infamous Team Skeet. Even though it has only been redesigned quite recently, these babes are easy to find, indeed. The tab named “sites” is what you should go for. You’ll see the ExxtraSmall’s thumbnail, and it’s going to be lying around a bunch of others such as Innocent High and Shoplyfter. Once you finally signed up (this also comes with a membership fee), you’ll start noticing that this money you just spent didn’t just go away for nothing, but rather, it is indeed some well-spent coin.

You get to see so many tiny babes get gaped by enormous cocks on this website, and it’s so amazing. Hell, there are more than two hundred videos on the page. Moreover, there’s even more content every single week, which is nice. The movies come in HD, naturally, and you can also download them. The format these videos will be downloaded in is MP4. You may also download the HD pics as .zip files.

Now, there’s not much to say about the videos themselves, really. Most of them are just regular straight porn, but it’s about tiny girls taking over-sized dicks. I mean, that’s clear by now, it has been explained a few times so far, has it not? It’s usually regular fucking in all kinds of positions, so there’s riding, missionary, doggy fucking, and so on, no bisexual stuff, no non-conventional porn. However, there are some scenes where girls go and fuck other girls. I’ve made the movies sound way too basic, though, when they really aren’t like that.

I mean, they might be a bit too extreme for most people’s taste, to be quite honest, seeing as the dicks are huge, and the chicks are super small, which makes it so that all the pussies you get to see in these movies are getting absolutely torn up, and not everyone wants to see that, especially girls. The movies tend to get a little bit comedic at times as well, but I’m not sure if this is intentional, seeing as they probably put these girls into tiny spaces such as plastic buckets at times to show how small they really are, but I honestly thought that kind of thing is pretty funny.


Luckily, the interface is quite nifty, and because of all of its features, it is indeed quite easy to browse. You can sort out the sex scenes out easily, and you get a commenting and a rating system for every single video, which is great. The scenes have been divided into around 30 thumbnails, which is nice. An occasional advertisement will pop up every now and then.


The few things that deserve to be pointed out are the features you get when you interact with the movies, and there are tons of bonus networks you get after you sign up, which is indeed the biggest extra. Sadly, we lack an advanced search box, and yes, the ads are still quite annoying.


All in all, there sure are lots of things that you can adore about ExxtraSmall, even though there are some tiny imperfections present. However, these are as tiny as the girls on the page, so you surely won’t mind. You won’t regret paying up for ExxxtraSmall.com. Still not sure? Read this review of ExxxtraSmall over at Paidpornguide.com!

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