Kimberly Brix Fucks BFs Best Friend 29:52 HD

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When Kimberly got home from work she was surprised to find her boyfriend black out drunk on the couch. His friend, Val came over and Kimberly admitted that he wanted to have sex with her boyfriend last night but he couldnt get hard. She told Val she hasnt had sex for a whole week and she has needs but her boyfriend isnt meeting them. After a bit of flirting with each other Kimberly showed off her perfect ass and touched Vals dick through his shorts. Kimberly was too horny not to fuck him so she dropped to her knees and swallowed his meatsicle before getting bent over on the couch to get rammed from behind! The whole time she was getting fucked her boyfriend was knocked out beside her! After fucking her teeny pussy in a bunch of positions, he sprayed his load all over her face!

Published 4 years ago and last updated 3 months ago

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